Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dang O.J. ....

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Well, O.J. (bless his heart) can't stay out the news huh? Simpson was freed on September 19 on 125,000 dollars bail . This following his arrest after he and his friends burst into a Las Vegas hotel room and robbing two sports memorabilia dealers at gunpoint. Now O.J. Simpson is to face a judge next week to answer allegations that he broke the terms of his bail.

Apparently Simpson called on on his co-defendants in the case. This is in contravention of his bail conditions. He called, "Clarence Stewart," and was frustrated by some of his testimony at the preliminaries.

He and the two other men are scheduled to stand trial on April 7. If I was O.J. (an had the opportunity to be out on bail), I would make the court even forget I exist until it is time to stand charges. Unfortunately, that is not O.J. So yesterday he gets arrested. Johnny Cochran just rolling around in his grave.

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