Saturday, January 12, 2008

Horror in Washington D.C.-4 deaths

Banita Jacks 33, was found in her home last week with the decomposing bodies of her 4 daughers. She claimed they had all been possessed by demons and died in their sleep. What investigators found was these children had been dead for at least 2 weeks.
The bodies of the girls, aged from five to 17, were found on Wednesday when deputy US marshals served an eviction notice at Jacks’ apartment in south-east Washington.

What upsets me about the above story is that how could school officials not know that these kids were not at school. I remember (and it wasn't that long ago) where if my kids missed 5 days of school consecutively that I received a phone call. Maybe things have changed.
The charging documents identify the children as Brittany Jacks, 17, Tatianna Jacks, 11, N’Kiah Fogle, six, and Aja Fogle, five.

Reports today indicated the bodies were so decomposed that they have to call in the Smithsonian to do the autopsies. Initally though stab wounds were noticed, as well as preliminary autopsies that found asphixiation to be in play as well.

More troubling is this family had been under investigation from Child Protective Services in D.C. They claimed they never did a follow up because they thought the family had relocated to Maryland.

What is happening to our kids? I was shocked to read in the newspaper that at one time one of the girls was missing from school for 30 days and no one called the home or anything?

This is such a tragedy.

Source: MSNBC

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