Friday, January 11, 2008

Marion Jones Crashes Hard-6 months

Marion Jones received the decison she was waiting on today. Federal Judge Kenneth M. Karas sentenced the disgraced gold medalist to six months in prison and two years of supervised release Friday.
This Sentence was the final judgement for a woman who was on top of the athletic circle. A shining Olympian, who with some bad decisons lost 3 gold medals, and two bronze medals.

The judge also admonished her for letting down the many children who had looked up to her as their hero. The judge was quoted as saying, ""Athletes in society have an elevated status," the judge said before imposing sentence. "They entertain. They inspire. And perhaps most importantly," they serve "as role models for children around the world."

I don't personally think we need to have our children look up to athletes or celebrities as role models, because in a perfect world the parents would fit that build. I do know that children are impressionable (having been one myself). I think the jail sentencing was just a reinforcement that society is not as forgiving as it has been in the past. (remember a man named PETE ROSE? or more recently Kobe Bryant?)
It was also stated she had knowledge of a check writing scam as well. I don't know if I feel sorry for Marion, but I she will have time to reflect on her actions even more now.

Source: Marion Jones

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