Friday, January 11, 2008

Teacher Settles Racial Lawsuit out of Court

The settlement ends a three-year legal fight between the district and Elizabeth Kandrac, who said she was forced to work in a racially hostile environment at predominantly black Brentwood Middle School in North Charleston.

Recently brought to public attention on the The O'Reilly Factor (I have to say I hate Bill O' Reily though, what an a-hole) was the story of Elizabeth Kandrac's lawsuit of Brentwood Middle School, a small Charleston County, South Carolina school with a population of about 472 students. You know every time I read or hear about certain injustices or prejudices in this country, I reflect on those who state that people are usually just whining and complaining and their is really a lot of change (I guess he who feels it can tell you different huh?)

Miss Kandrac claims ," I was subjected to all kinds of cursing - things were thrown at me, including desks and books. I reported it, but my principal said this is their culture, this is how they are, and if you don't like cursing this isn't the school for you."

I might add this is a white teacher and the "this is their culture" statement was referring to her predominately black classroom. Since when do we condone this type of behavior towards our educators. This makes me mad. The problem in this modern era is that we have lost all sense of civility in the United States.

...and the THIS IS PART OF THEIR CULTURE COMMENT...hmmm...I "know" I can't type what I REALLY want to say on that stupid remark

Miss Kandrac was awarded 300.000 settlement against the school district. I know some wonderful teachers out there and for a school district to ignore what was happening in this classroom is appalling.

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