Tuesday, January 22, 2008

White Supremacist Protest in Jena Louisiana

Well the "Jena Justice Day" planned Monday( Martin Luther King Jr Day) by the white supremacist Nationalist Movement ended about two hours earlier than organizers had planned, with most participants leaving long before that.

Associated Press reports that sbout 50 white supremacists showed up Monday, with 27 marching to the high school and back before the speeches began. This of course was a far cry from the hundreds that showed up in support of the six teens arrested and given extensive sentences.
Nearly all the demonstrators and the counter-demonstrators appeared to be from outside of Jena.

They called for the holiday to be abolished and demanded harsh justice for the, "Jena 6"

I have to say this, it is sad in the 21st century that we have ANY separatist groups, White, Black, Asian, whatever. I have said it time and time again. It should not have to take a situation like 9/11 to bring America together.

In 1970 we had young boys fighting for this country, only to come back labeled as "baby killers" and other such names. I had family members that fought in the Vietnam War. They were in foxholes and trenches with all ethnic makeup of people. Their main goal was to simply survive. Some did, some did not.

So when I read these type of stories I get sad, because to represent ignorance and hatred on a day that was set aside to celebrate tolerance.

Source Ap News


bokjae said...

Hi! thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting on the Act of Kindness Award! Yeah! love what I read on your blog and guess we are like-minded people and share your sentiments on such similar issues on race, religion and creed! We are all created equal by Almighty God and only He is Supreme! No earthly creatures can claim that!

Stunner said...

We need to get rid of this hatred and racism from our societies. We all are humans and the same under our skins, it's time these idiots see pass skin colour. Damn it!

iriegal said...

Amen to that Bokjae..

iriegal said...

Stunner, you know I am ever the optimist. But until mankind is struck blind,sadly color is a barrier to so many chances of making progression in this country.

humanity needs a wake up call