Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Am I My Brothers Keeper?

This is the question I ask when I heard that Barack Obama felt it necessary to defend himself against someone elses words, thoughts and opinion. Why? Is it the old theory that the friends we keep reflect the views we share?

I have several friends like Reverend Wright. Friends, who though mean well, open mouth and often insert foot. They speak for me without knowing my full evolution, without knowing my day to day outlook on even minuscule things in life. They state thoughts and ideals based on their own feelings and through association feel I share the same sentiment. However, unlike Barack I don't have to answer publicly to their stupidity.

So I guess before you enter into any major office, that you review your friends, family, and associates. It is important that you relocate those that might tend to "stir up the pot" so to speak. However, if we change any aspect of the past (to appease those who know me only for the present ). Barack Obama is a victim of visualization. It is this visualization that causes his "race" even to be called in question.

One day I hope before I die, to see this Nation go beyond color and totally view any political candidate by the words and deeds they have set forth to do for this country. I hope this to be true one day.

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