Friday, March 14, 2008

A Look at Reverand Otis Moss

The previous article is a very well written on the new pastor of Trinity Church. Several newsorganizations are still reporting on the racially-charged words of Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, the founder and retired pastor of Barack Obama's Chicago church, Trinity United Church of Christ.

The Chicago Tribune profiled Moss in mid-February, reporting that, "Like other young black pastors replacing elders who lived and fought alongside Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., he must find a way to preach a relevant social justice message that acknowledges the gains of the civil rights generation yet addresses the racial disparities that still exist.


Synergist said...

Moss is clearly an articulate, thoughtful Christian, but isn't the underlying story really about trying to distract voters with smears so they won't have time to study the issues?

Strikes me that when they take the focus off issues it's a sure sign that whoever the media supports doesn't match up well in that way. I don't know if that's McCain or Clinton, I suppose, but either way the implication is that everybody who focused on Wright was intent on maintaining the status quo.

There was, after all, no mention of previous well-documented, hyperbolic rhetoric by other prominent religious figures - I can recall one calling for a political assassination, for instance. Nor was there any discussion of the place of rhetoric in preaching. It's all been a shallow attempt to focus attention on several anecdotal comments.

One of the saddest revelations of this primary season is the evident abandonment of objectivity by putative journalists. It's no wonder the web is emerging as the source people can comb for facts.

iriegal said...

Synergist, you are right, running a smear campaign will distract from the real issues. The media is about ratings..that is the bottom line