Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lousiana Celebrates African American Heritage

Louisiana tourism officials have unveiled the first 26 sites on an African American Heritage Trail running from New Orleans to northern Louisiana. The trail will also help boost back the economy. Some places on the trail include the Hermione Museum in Tallulah, which is currently hosting an exhibit on the famously successful hair-care entrepreneur Madame C.J. Walker

Slave quarters at Evergreen Plantation in Wallace, La., are on the list of places recently unveiled as the first 26 sites on an African American Heritage Trail.

Spanish moss hangs off trees along the road leading through Evergreen Plantation's slave quarter area. Louisiana's new African American Heritage Trail is designed to tell of African Americans' contributions to the country and the world, said Chuck Morse, a state tourism official.

In contrast with the squalor of Evergreen Plantation's slave quarters, the areas originally designed for public view demonstrate an opulence more common at English baronial estates.
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