Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Bobb'e J Thompson-Where is he now?

Bobb'e J Thompson born February 26, 1996 is a phenemenoal talent. We always here about young people who were always destined for stardom. This young fella is one of them. Thompson was born in Kansas City, Missouri and is also known as Bobby J. Thompson, Master Groove, and Bobb'e Jaques Thompson. Bobb'e's most recent role is Slam in Fred Claus. Bobbe' is the youngest of nine siblings. Bobb'e likes to rap.

He most recently appeared as "Stanley" in a Hannah Montana episode. Although he is now 12 (he has that Bow Wow height thing going on). He still is rocking the acting and rapping world.
In a world where we here so much about "bad behavior" by kids. We seldom give props to some youngsters that are doing well in the industry and making strides by their talent, not by negative fame.

His recent appearances are:

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MrsGrapevine said...

I can't picture who he is. Do you have a picture? I guess I can google him.

BTW: The OSF theme for this week is wedding songs: songs you got married to or songs you would like played at your wedding. Pass it along. I'm in a sentimental mood.