Thursday, April 10, 2008

Haitains Tired of Being Hungry

Haitians stormed the presidential palace yesterday to demand the resignation of President Rene Preval over rising food prices and U.N. peacekeepers battled rioters with rubber bullets and tear gas. Haiti is a country right now caught in the brink of becoming extinct. “We are hungry! He must go!” protesters shouted as they tried to break into the presidential palace.

'Subsidizing imported goods is not the solution,''President Préval told the people. ``Today, we are paying the price for more than 20 years of bad political decisions. I'd rather today, we subsidize national production.''

Both Préval supporters and critics voiced discontent at the lack of immediate action coming out of his speech. Many said it was long overdue and did not go far enough to quell the demands of protesters who have been calling for Préval's government to resign.

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