Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Black News Network

Washington D.C.-based Black Television News Channel (BTNC) announced Tuesday it has reached a multi-year carriage agreement with Comcast Cable for distribution in several of the MSO’s urban-based systems beginning in 2009. I think it is high time we get a "real" black news channel. Black Entertainment Television and TV One both offer news brief throughout the day. They however do not have an ongoing news program for the African American Community.

Many people claim this is not necessary, but there are several Asian and Latino communities who have launched successful news stations. There is the usual cry of "why the blacks need their own news." why they can't just watch regular news. I have never heard anyone tell "telemundo" that there should not be a Latino Station. Culturally I feel that it is a necessity to know what is happening from a community base.
The network, created by former U.S. congressman J.C. Watts Jr., will launch in 2009 and will provide original news programming with a distinctively African-American perspective, according to a network press release. The network would be the first cable service to offer 24-hour news targeted to African-Americans

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Tigress said...

I do get tired of that question, "why do black have to have their own....?" Will they ever realize it's because we're not included enough not to need our own? Sigh!