Thursday, April 17, 2008

Representing Ohio's Finest

I believe by now everyone might of heard about the Ohio Patrol Trooper who snapped a photograph of a fellow trooper in a KKK outfit. The Picture was snapped with a cell phone the day before Martin Luther King Jr's birthday.

Troopers Eric E. Wlodarsky and Craig T. Franklin, who were both on duty at the time, told an investigator the picture was taken as joke and modeled after a skit by comedian Dave Chappelle.

I didn't know they were hiring comedians to work for the police department. Dave Chappelle "IS"a comedian. Wlodarsky, who snapped the photo, and Franklin, who dressed up in the racist garb, were both recommended for termination but were allowed to retain their jobs because of a collective bargaining agreement.


Tigress said...

The stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me. If nothing else they're SUPPOSED to realize that because of their job there is certain stuff they simply cannot do. It's bad enough they did it. To be a cop that does it?

iriegal said...

What I don't understand is people are wondering why the black community does not trust law enforcement.

I present Exhibit A your honor. (dumb cop jokes).