Thursday, May 29, 2008

8 Year Discrimination Suit Against Secret Service Still Going

The latest twist to this ongoing legal fiasco between the black agents of the Secret Service and the Bureau is that Reginald Moore (black secret agent) has been accused himself of sending racially charged email. The original claim by a group of black employees, say the agency has passed over black agents for promotion. They say white colleagues and supervisors regularly use a racial epithet to refer to criminal suspects and black leaders of other countries. The lawsuit claims the Secret Service has always had a discriminatory culture — a claim the agency has consistently denied.

In April it made headlines again, when a black agent found a noose in the Secret Service Training Center. As part of the discrimination lawsuit, the Secret Service was ordered to turn over evidence. The agency paid an outside auditor more than $2 million to search 20 million e-mails and other electronic documents dating back 16 years.

This seems like it is going to be an ongoing thing. I just hope the Secret Service men involved in the suit are still able to work when this is all over. Prejudice in many of our government offices (lawsuit won or not) is not going to dissipate because a case is won.

Source: AP NEWS

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