Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Usher Has Meltdown on TRL

R&B superstar Usher slammed journalists yesterday while promoting his new album “Here I Stand,” culminating in a what some are calling a “mini-meltdown” on MTV’s TRL.

It started out alright, however as soon as questions about his wife, Tameka Foster and his firing of his mother came into play, then homeboy just lost it.

Usher’s frustration spun out of control when he co-hosted TRL, at one point the singer raged, “I love my wife very, very much and there has been a little rumor earlier this week about us separating; it ain't true.” In footage captured by an Usher fansite the singer zeros in on the camera “As a matter of fact I'm tired of people continuing to talk so much trash about me, my wife and my mother.” (see video below).

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