Friday, May 16, 2008

Old School Friday-Remakes

Marvalus One & Mrs. Grapevine have teamed up to start a new meme called Old School Friday. This is another way to gets some great exchange links, and to have a little bit of fun.Please l join us. Click here to view some guidelines.

Today's theme is "remakes." I had to think a little while on this one. The first person (I have no reason why) that came to mind was "Melissa Morgan'" version of "DO ME BABY." It is not the greatest of songs (her voice isn't that strong), but it was an answer to Prince's version. You know Iriegal is gonna do something different.

This video is from Lauryn Hill, she did this wonderful remake of Roberto Flack's "Killing Me Softly." I just love this version. This was a huge hit for Lauryn. I saw her recently and all I can say is "what the heck happened to my girl?"

Jimmy CLiff did his thing with this country classic. This video is from the Cool Runnings Soundtrack. You know Iriegal loves her Reggae music.


Regina said...

great choices! I like Melissa Morgan's song but I like Prince's version more (he just brings out the freak in you!!).
Killing me softly was certainly a huge hit for Lauryn (i am not really a big fan of either version).I Love Lauryn Hill, the old version of her.
I love "I can see clearly now" in ANY version. I think Bob Marley also did a version of this song!
have a great weekend!

SjP said...

Great choices... I did Alicia Keyes and Brenda Holloway "Every Little Bit Hurts" hope you get a chance to drop by. SjP

MrsGrapevine said...

What are you talking about, I like the Melissa Morgan version. I like Prince's better, but she did a great job. I agree with Regina about Prince.

MsMarvalus said...

I almost posted that Me'lisa Morgan...that was the jam back in the day!

Good choices!

DP said...

Irie - Good choices. Melissa Morgan's version didn't really hold up to Prince's Do Me though. I like that version of Killing Me Softly by the Fugees (and Lauryn Hill) better than the original. And the Jimmy Cliff, you got me there. Love that reggae music.