Friday, May 30, 2008

Old School Friday-Philadelpia Soul

As we use to say "back in da day" Philly had its own sound. A unique sound. Growing up in the EastCoast in the 70's you know the "flava." Generally "The Sweet Philly Sound" had this funky beat too it. You had such quality producers as, Thom Bell, Linda Creed, Norman Harris, Dexter Wansel,. What was jamming back in those days was, ""TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia). A notable extension of the Philadelphia sound were bassist Ronald Baker, guitarist Norman Harris and drummer/Trammps baritone Earl Young, (B-H-Y) who also recorded as the Trammps and would produce records themselves. These three were the base rhythm section for MFSB When you think of the "old school" Philly beat these musicians that comprised this sound come to mind.
One of my favorite "Philly based" groups of his era was "The Delfonics." OMG, I loved this group


This one is a late 60's favorite. THis song produced by the combination of Huff and Gamble also brought the Philly sound on the scene. Jerry Butler is the "ICE MAN" an yes HE COMETH!! Damn, this is when we had TRUE singers. Their music rocked your soul

Jerry Butler

I had my first love back in 1974. I left this country for about 6 years and this song by the 3 degrees was kind of like my anthem.

THE 3 Degrees

Other notable Philly Artist are as Follows:

* The Delfonics
* The Intruders
* Patti LaBelle
* Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes
* The O'Jays
* Billy Paul
* Teddy Pendergrass
* The Spinners
* The Stylistics
* The Three Degrees
* The Trammps
* Blue Magic
* Soul Survivors
* Dexter Wansel
* Gamble and Huff - Notable Songwriters and Producers
* Thom Bell - Notable Songwriter and Producer
* Daryl Hall & John Oates
* The Ethics

I couldn't leave without putting on my OLDTIME old school Philly Group. This was my "bomb" group in High School. I use to do a "fame" and dance on the cafeteria table to this song. Iriegal doing "THE SKATE," in the 70's.


Villager said...

Happy OSF! I appreciate the historical background that you provided with your post. I also loved hearing The Delfonics again -- 'Didn't I Blow Your Mind' -- was the bomb back in the day...

My Philly Sound meme allowed me to share some Ol' School Billy Paul and Blue Magic. I invite you and your blog readers to check it out if you have time or inclinaton.

peace, Villager

Hagar's Daughter said...

These songs are the biz! I love everyone single one of them. Have a great weekend.

Danielle said...

Dang! So many memories. I feel lucky to have grown up at a time and in a household where I heard this kind of music.

They don't make 'em like this anymore.

MrsGrapevine said...

You played my favorite Delfonics song, others have played the Delfonics, but they didn't play this song. Thank you!!!

Hmmmm...I'm not sure about Jerry Butler, maybe it will grow on me, or just not this song.

But you redeemed yourself with Three Degrees. I miss the day when women could sing so smoothly, yet with a lot of soul.

The Skate sound like the O'jays, very similar style.

MsMarvalus said...

The Delfonics are killing them dance moves! I am loving this theme today!

Vivrant Thang said...

OUTSTANDING post. This theme really brought out the educator in some folks. You got some songs on here that I haven't heard of and you taught me about some Philly sounds I wasn't familiar with. I hope folks are making their way over here because they need to see this.

Happy OSF!

Regina said...

great picks! My last comment didn't transfer over properly.
The Delfonics are great and their opening dance moves are classic! and the three degrees are popular today!
have a great weekend!

SjP said...

Wow!! Almost posted a couple of the same songs! Especially, Jerry Butler, but opted for the Stylistics and Hurry Back This Way Again.