Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Racial Disparity in D.C. Juries

A D.C. Superior Court judge yesterday upheld the legality of the District's jury system, rejecting arguments that blacks are much less likely to be called for service than whites even though the city is majority-African American.

Washington D.C.

The ruling came after the most extensive examination of the D.C. jury system in decades. For years, the D.C. Public Defender Service had complained about racial disparity at the courthouse. In this case, as Boasberg wrote, he gave the agency "wide latitude" to pursue the claims over the past year.

I can't quite fathom this story. I mean D.C. is an area that is predominately black, so how can their be a disparity? That is like saying there is to much black on black crime in D.C. Of course their would be people are going to target who is in their area.


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