Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bow Wow wants to be the Next Will Smith

Man is you dreaming? First you have to improve your diction. Bow Wow ( even if he could see over the counter) can never come close to Will Smith. I swear how many rappers sell some songs and suddenly want to branch out. Will Smith, Ice Cube, Ice T.... these are some cats who have some good business sense. Bow Wow still needs to "pull up" his pants and take some acting lessons. He did a couple of little flicks and now feels he is the DeNiro League. Being cocky isn't a cute personality trait. Confident is one thing, ignorant and arogant is another.

bow wow!

Man I miss the days of Big Daddy Kane and LLCoolJ..when brothas was rapping with some real lyrics

Boy reduced to making little videos on YouTube..sad

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2sweetnsaxy said...

Don't know much about Bow-wow but I do know that Will Smith was something special from day one.