Monday, July 14, 2008

What is Wrong with the New Yorker Magazine?

Okay, what rock did these ignorant folks crawl out of? It seems the editors of The New Yorker magazine did a cartoon cover that depicts the Democratic candidate( Obama) and his wife as fist-bumping terrorists.

The magazine's editor stated that it was a satire called, "The Politics of Fear." It was suppose to be a satire of how Obama's opponents view him. However, Obama's camp was less then pleased with the images. Now would you blame them? Would you show a man raping a child, just to get the point across that rape of a child is wrong?

Editor David Remnick was shocked at the press and negative feedback given. He stated, "Our cover combines a number of fantastical images about the Obamas and shows them for the obvious distortions they are, " he said in a statement.

"The burning flag, the nationalist-radical and Islamic outfits, the fist-bump, the portrait on the wall - all of them echo one attack or another. Satire is part of what we do, and it is meant to bring things out into the open, to hold up a mirror to the absurd. And that's the spirit of this cover," Remnick said.

So if that is the "spirit of the cover," then were is McCain's cover?

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