Friday, August 08, 2008

Kwame Kilpatrick - Jailed for Bond Violation

First off I believe a person in the Mayor Kwame Kilpatricks's position should be big enough to admit that he did something wrong instead of trying to cover things. Kilpatrick apologized to 36th District Court Judge Ronald Giles Thursday, for the unauthorized trip he made to nearby Windsor, Canada, and said, "I ran in, I made a presentation . . . and I ran back."

Kilpatrick violated the conditions of his bond in a perjury case by going to Canada for a business meeting without clearing the trip with the court. Some are calling for Detroit''s Mayor to resign. Okay, say he does...then will his replacement be any better?

This ruling, which stunned both critics and allies of the mayor, follows months of the mayor's defiant attitude toward his legal problems, and frequent calls by residents and City Council members for him to leave office.

The City Council more views this as an embarrassment more then anything else. To make matters worse, today Michigan's Attorney General Mike Cox is expected to announce that he is charging Kilpatrick with assaulting an officer in July as he tried to serve court papers on one of Kilpatrick’s best friends.

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