Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rihanna and Chris Brown? Are they engaged?

You know I wouldn't be surprised if they are already married. Lets face it we can't trust any of the artist or entertainers out there. I understand the privacy issue, but the lying issue I can't get with. If you engaged so what? If you married so what?

See the issue is they want to continue being this "sex symbol" while daring to have a private life. I know some married stars that to me are sexy as HAIL! It doesn't stop me from licking my lips when I view them.

I mean come on Rihanna, you get photographed hugging, kissing, smooching, and dang near having intercourse in a pool in Jamaica, but still you say, "we are just friends." I don't have friends like that.

That is a big "Friendship" ring on her left hand

AP Photo/Abdejalil Bounhar, File


Regina said...

I hope they are engaged, they make a cute couple. Not that anybody really cares!!!

ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© said...

I remember the quote of her saying they're like 'brother & sister.' I'm thinking, "Yuck, I don't want a brother like that!" LOL