Monday, September 22, 2008

25 Years In Prison For A Rape Not Committed.

Sadly this is not a new story. There are so many stories like this in our prison system. Thankfully with the help of DNA many prisoners are now being exonerated. Johnnie Earl Lindsey wrote six letters to a Dallas County court seeking post-conviction DNA testing to prove his innocence.

This past Friday, he walked out of the courtroom a free man. He becomes the 20th Dallas County man proven innocent by DNA testing since 2001, although one of those men will be retried by prosecutors.

State Justice Judge Larry Mitchell issued an impassioned apology from the bench. "I can't tell you how sorry I am this happened to you. Your freedom was taken away from you for all these years," Mitchell said. "There's a saying that justice delayed is justice denied. Justice was delayed for too long in your case.


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2sweetnsaxy said...

I hope they keep finding more men who are found innocent. It's sad they were convicted in the first place. Makes you wonder about our "justice" system.