Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Can Haiti get a beak?

American Naval Forces yesterday sent sent its amphibious assault ship Kearsarge to Port-au-Prince to assist in ferrying disaster relief to victims cut off by collapsed bridges and flooded towns along the sole road to stricken areas north of the capital. In contrast to the $100,000 in assistance offered to Cuba, Washington upped its aid to Haitian storm victims to $10 million. (ap news)

The government of Haiti more than doubled the death toll from Hanna late Thursday, to 137 from a previous toll of 61. Eighty of the deaths occurred in the flooded region of Gonaïves and 22 others died in areas immediately surrounding the port, according to statements released by the Ministry of the Interior and the Civil Protection Department.

Gonaïves has been almost entirely cut off by Hanna's floodwaters and virtual lakes have formed over every road.

My heart goes out to the victims in Haiti. Haiti has gone through so much in that country, both with political an economical disasters.

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