Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Georgia man gets stay of execution

AP News has confirmed that the State Supreme Court has given a last-minute reprieve to a Georgia man less than two hours before he was to be executed for the 1989 slaying of an off-duty police officer.

Supporters of 39-year-old Troy Davis have called for a new trial as several witnesses have recanted their testimony. Protesters had arrived by the busload to protest the execution, carrying signs with slogans like ``Justice for Troy Davis'' and wearing blue T-shirts emblazoned with ``I am Troy Davis.''

The Rev. Al Sharpton had accompanied members of Davis' family to the protest, including Davis' mother, Virginia.

I think before they kill any man that was put on death row to 20 years ago, they need to review the case wth the current technology (forensics) available. Some Cold Cases have been solved with new evidence, so why can' the folks on death row be given the same consideration.

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shae-shae said...

I'm surprised. I guess it helped him that there was enough attention surrounding the case and the uncertainty of whether or not he was innocent.