Saturday, October 18, 2008

Obama Bucks-Crazy Mess

This was said NOT to be intended as racist. It was stated that if Obama was nominated he would be on the face of food stamps.

The October newsletter of the "Chaffey Community Republican Women, Federated" shows a picture of Obama depicted on a phony $10 bill surrounded by a watermelon, ribs and a bucket of fried chicken.

The newsletter was sent to about 200 club members and associates last week by mail and e-mail.

Diane Fedele, president of the group, said the move had no racist intent.

"I never connected," she said. "It was just food to me. It didn't mean anything else."

The fact she didn't see anything wrong with this imagery has me very concerned.

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Believer 1964 said...

Ignorance to the extreme.