Thursday, October 23, 2008

Only 1 percent of French polled Want McCain

This just in reported by Reuters News, it seems only one percent of French people want Republican candidate John McCain to win the U.S. presidential election, and western Europeans overwhelmingly favor his rival Barack Obama, an opinion poll showed on Friday.

  • When asked which man they wanted to see elected, 78 percent of respondents in France backed Obama, compared with just one percent for McCain and five percent who said they wanted neither to win, the poll for television news channel France 24 found

  • In Germany, where Obama held his rally, five percent of people supported McCain while 72 percent backed Obama.

  • The answer most frequently chosen in France, Germany and Italy for disliking McCain was "his policies." Spanish respondents most strongly opposed "the values he represents" and the British cited "his choice for vice president."

Well there you have it the French are not just known for their "FRENCH FIRES"...

They are known for their smarts as well

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