Sunday, November 02, 2008

Woman Sues J.C. Penny about Discrimination

Brenda McElmore says she went to a JC Penny's hair salon in Downey, California two months ago to get her hair dyed and was refused service.

"We don't do African-American hair." McElmore said she was told by a receptionist and a manager. McElmore says she was then told to go elsewhere to get her hair done.

However, a witness for the plaintiff, who is being represented by Gloria Allred, said that licensed cosmetologists are trained to do hair of customers of every race.

Speaking alongside her attorney Gloria Allred, McElmore explained she wasn't asking for any special services, just a simple dye job.

"And if you only want color -- I'm not asking for asking for a perm, not a style, or anything else," said McElmore. "It doesn't take a special person or special skill to do that."

Can I add that Gloria Allred is a pariah. Why is this woman the female " Al Sharpton."(always trying to get involved in anything that can get her in the news.)

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