Monday, December 15, 2008

Dollar Tree Now Will Pay Compensation for Taneka Talley

I wrote about a Family Dollar Tree in my area where an employee was slain (in store) and denied survivor benefits. (Story here). Talley was stabbed to death March 29, 2006, while stocking shelves at the store on North Texas Street in Fairfield, where she worked full time as a clerk to support herself and Larry(her 11 year old son).Tommy Joe Thompson, 45, of West Sacramento was arrested later that day and has been charged with murder in her death.

At the March 2007 hearing on Thompson's mental competency to stand trial, a defense psychiatrist, Herb McGrew, testified that Thompson had told him he stabbed Talley because she was black. Thompson is white. The company stated that they denied the claim (survivor benefits) because he stabbed Ms Talley for personal reasons.

If you google Taneka Talley's name, you will see the outrage that this decision has created. I want to thank Regina Family Seasons for linking onto this story. I feel it was indeed the collective voice of the people, that helped get the judgment for Taneka's family.

Last monday Timothy Reid, Dollar Tree's vice president for investor relations, said the company had offered to pay "the full workers' compensation benefit permitted under California law."

It is sad that there has to be public outcry just to get justice served. The power of the people is an awesome thing.


Regina said...

Hey Lady!
Thanks for the link love!
I am so glad that this family is getting some compensation. I am glad THE PEOPLE held Dollar Tree accountable! That was strictly ridiculous!
I updated the story at my spot.
Thanks for making us aware!

Mz.Bria2U said...

Dang! baby girl I have NEVER heard of this story!...and dollar tree is MY STORE! These fools are going out like Walmart!! let me hurry up and post this b4 I head out to work!!

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I am glad the resolved this and decided to do the right thing.
I had read about this earlier and I didn't even know the story at all. I don't know how I missed this one.

Hey Shae! said...

I'm glad they did the right thing. I guess the head dude in charge thought about the retail slump & didn't want a boycott... all about the money.

I'm happy for her family.

iriegal said...

Thank you Regina. Of course the family still has a long legal road ahead, but glad that these companies don't think they can bully everyone.

Happy Holiday...onelove

iriegal said...

thank you Bria. I live in a very middle class area, and I think they felt that they could do this to the "Few blacks" that DO live in the area an it would go unnoticed. However, through bloggers and Youtube Taneka's story is indeed getting out!

iriegal said...

Sharon, the simple fact if the family did not hire a lawyer who got the media attention this story deserved it would be indeed lost on page 6!

iriegal said...

thanks Shae. I met the mom and indeed the family is very grateful. I love Dollar Tree, but I would not support a company that would have those type of policies.