Monday, December 15, 2008

Life Sentence for Brian Nichols

Brian Nichols, the man who killed four people in a brazen courthouse escape was sentenced Saturday to prison for life without parole and hundreds of years more.

"The community has spoken," Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard said at an emotional press conference after the sentencing of Brian Nichols.

As many may recall Brian Nichols was being escorted to his trial for rape when he overpowered a deputy guarding him and stole her gun. He then burst into the courtroom and shot and killed Superior Court Judge Rowland Barnes, Brandau and sheriff's Deputy Hoyt Teasley. He fled downtown Atlanta an Atlanta's posh Buckhead neighborhood, he shot and killed federal agent David Wilhelm at a house the agent was renovating.

I personally don't think he was insane at the time of committing these murders. He was sane enough to think about evading the police.

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