Monday, December 15, 2008

Obama in Black Face

Comedian Fred Armisen has been putting on the blackface to play President-elect Barack Obama on 'SNL for awhile now. I know in the past their have been a very few blacks who have been available to play certain characters on Saturday Night Live (SNL). So it was really no surprise to me when they got Armisen to play the part of Obama. (Currently only Kenan Thompson is the only black character on the show).

There are so many talented African American actors that could of played the part. A spokesperson for "SNL" said, "Casting is an ongoing process at the show. We are constantly looking for new people. We've been auditioning every couple of months or so, and we've seen numerous African-American performers and continue to look."

I would love to see Kristoff St. John (dang I love this man) play Obama. Obama is sexy an so is he. Of course minus the facial hair.

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