Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sold to the Highest Bidder

That is the way this story concerning Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich seems to be presented in the media. Blagojevich was arrested Tuesday on charges he conspired to sell or trade, Barack Obama's Senate seat. It is alleged that he was trying to sell it to the highest bidder as part of what federal prosecutors called a "political corruption crime spree." A federal judge later ordered Blagojevich released on his own recognizance.

How does one go about doing that I wonder? Does he call up the contenders and say, "look I gotta deal for you. I can get you the votes needed for this appointment, all you gotta do is give me 1 million dollars and SOLD!" All I can say is unbelievable.

U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald was quoted as saying, "a truly new low." He added: "The conduct would make Lincoln roll over in his grave." Lincoln did his own dirt, so rolling over in this grave would simply mean he turned slightly to the side. Politricks has always been fused with corruption so why is this getting so much attention, simple, because folks are trying to figure out if Obama knew about this or can be connected with this.

Anything to tarnish the fact that in January a wonderful, historical event will happen.

Source:Yahoo News

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Hey Shae! said...

People are so tragic these days. *sigh*