Thursday, December 11, 2008

Visanthe Shiancoe Naked in Locker Room

I know journalist are really anxious to get that story out but what was the hurry for an interview that you couldn't wait for the player to put on some clothes? A little bit more than a testicle was exposed his whole package was hanging out.

After the incident happened fans had to check this out. Their were some who used freeze frame, while others kept rewinding their DVR to really see if Visanthe was showing more than expected. People witnessed the truth emails and pictures were posted all over the web.

The tight end's towel had slipped in an image that lasted only a fifth of a second, according to NFL and Fox Sports spokesmen. (It was a Fox station that originally filmed the postgame segment of the Vikings celebrating the victory over Detroit.) Now you know Irie ain't one to post any "nude" pictures. However I did see the "actual" still frames of the "alleged Penile" assault on our eyes. No, I did not download it, (er cause I was at the library),

All I can say is brotha ain't got NO SHAME in his game.


Regina said...

LOL, I better brush up on my sports!!!!

Marvalus said...

I saw this too, and I'll say this to Visanthe:

How YOU doing?!

Believer 1964 said...

Laughing at Marvalus!

I heard about it, but never did see the goods.