Friday, January 16, 2009

Black Man - Proud Mom

I just love this blogger, Denene over at My Brown Baby. She wrote this inspiration post about her step son, Mazi.( CLICK HERE
FOR POST). Here is a Mom who has this phenomenal son, like so many of our other blog sisters and brothers out there, but when we open a newspaper it is rare to see wonderful stories of achievements and success. We are bombarded with stories of black men who are killers, drug addicts, alcoholics and so forth.

I know it is because positive stories do not sell newspapers. Positive stories don't make the evening news (unless it is a special segment). Stories like what Denene shared is what we need for our sons to see.

Currently I am located near Oakland California and see all the unrest that is occurring. (this was due to the death of Oscar Grant 111). I see all the lawlessness and think do any of these young people get to see or read anything positive that is happening in their community. Day in all you see when you pick up the Oakland Tribune is news about shootings, stabbings, rapes and the lists go on. When we turn on our local news the same thing.

So when I wander through cyberspace and see all the wonderful mothers out there (too numerous) to mention who have given birth to these awesome sons, it makes my heart just leap with joy. We, as black mothers, understand that our sons carry that burden of being stereotyped. Our black sons face the possibility of being profiled and tagged by our law enforcement (those that are suppose to serve and protect), so every time they leave our homes, their own homes, their schools, their place of business we pray that prayer that they make it to see another day.

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MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner said...

Amen, sis. Amen. Thank you SO very much for the words of encouragement, and certainly for the recognition of our sons. A-student or no, no one's child deserves to lose his life because of someone else's bias--no mother deserves to bury her child because of someone else's inability to practice restraint and self-control. We love our children. I just want that acknowledged--they are not animals, they're lives are not cheap, they are not the stereotypes that are heaped on them at every turn. They are human beings. And it's high time they were treated as such.