Thursday, January 08, 2009

Obama has Portrait in the Smithsonian

(this media collage by Shepard Fairey, photo courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery, titled "Barack Obama," will be on view at the Portrait Gallery by Inauguration Day)

That is how you know you have made it in this country, when the Smithsonian Institute wants to add your portrait to their gallery.

AP News reports, "The gallery acquired the iconic red, white and blue collage by Los Angeles street artist Shepard Fairey, depicting Obama with the word "Hope." The image — later modified with the messages of "Change" and "Vote" for the Obama campaign — became one of the most memorable images from the 2008 election. The curators at the Smithsonian Institution museum plan to hang it by Inauguration Day."

Wow, and he has not even made officially into office yet.


Regina said...

That is awesome!

iriegal said...

I think this will be a wonderful opportunity for the artist