Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Magazine Covers

Essence Magazine on The Black Report Ebony Magazine on The Black Report
Black Enterprise Magazine on The Black Report Today's Black Woman Magazine on The Black Report

What attracts you to a magazine? The cover right?
Oprah Magazine on The Black Report

Well, except for Oprah's magazine who seems to always manage to feature her own image on the front cover (I ain't mad at her though, money has it's privileges).

but the Obama- Craze is getting ridiculous


I found these and fell out laughing. Wow, I must of missed some of these issues at my newsstand.


Regina said...

That RADAR cover is too funny!!
but seriously I was in krogers the other night looking for a book and the magazine isles was ridiculous with Obama covers!
He is black & the president , yeah, I get that but he does not need to be on the cover of everything from people to fisher's weekly!!
Enough is enough!

iriegal said...

Regina, like "dashiki's" back in the day he appears to be a novelty.