Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Marlon Jackson Planning a Slavery Theme Park

If I felt that his motives were not purely monetary, I might even consider it an interesting concept. Reports are that Marlon Jackson (formerly of the Jackson Five) is involved in plans to build a theme park in Badagry, Nigeria. It is suppose to be a Historical Resort Development Project. The project is side to feature a memorial museum abut slavery, a theme park with a slave ship replica, casinos, shops, a golf course and condominiums.

Okay, with all the political unrest in Nigeria, wouldn't it be better to do the "We Are The World Project" from the 1990's. What happened to that by the way? Gambling? Condo's?..

Marlon Jackson, a former member of the Jackson Five, is involved in plans to build the Badagry Historical Resort Development Project, which would feature a memorial and a museum about slavery.

The Kicker is the resort would also house memorabilia from the glory years of the Jackson Five, the classic Motown group known for hits including "ABC" and "I Want You Back".

The development group has said it hopes that the band will help attract African-American tourists keen to trace their roots back to Nigeria.

Wasn't Marlon last seen working at Safeway in Stocking department?

sigh...you know that is why I am going back to College. I feel if these brothers had some sort of education or trade (and singing is not a trade), that they would be able to not do the "WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE," thing.

Source: telegraph.uk.co


Regina said...

mmm, Don't know how I missed this one! You do find the strangest stories!
Marlon knows he is a hot mess! This whole idea is ludicrous!
I don't know about anyone else but for me this is not a cool idea, it is a slap in the face to African Americans.
If you are playing golf who is carrying the clubs? Little nigga kids in raggedy clothes??? WTH!!
This is such a bad idea...

Regina said...

I forgot to mention how asinine a replica slave ship ride would be. Are they planning to whip, and strip and throw the tourist on the ride naked?
I am too done with this...

iriegal said...

Bad is a mild word Regina. The sad thing is I truly believe he thinks that their is some value and merit in this project.

I am still waiting to her what happened to the money form the "WE ARE THE WORLD TOUR" because according to the news sources...the FOLKS in AFRICA didn't get all of it.

The ride (if that is what they want to call it) is totally assine.

The sad thing is that (and I know I am going to get flack for this) but some white person out there is truly believing this is a great idea.