Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Black Barbershops Targeted in Los Angeles?


The questions that several residents of Moreno Valley are asking was if last year when police raided several African American barbershops was there a motive? The police allegedly stated that allegedly they were asking for identification. As far as I know in the state of California you don't need a license to cut hair. When one barber asked for an explanation, he was allegedly handcuffed and hauled out to a police cruiser

Even worse than the raids , were the fact that there is no closerue to the situation. There was little or no effort to bring police officials, community leaders and the barbers together or to create forums for discussion and understanding. So one year later, the wound remains open. So the question still remains why? The ACLU has since filed suite to seek a remedy which they believe to be violations to the California and the United States constitution. The officers at no time produced warrants for any of the searches.

LA Times

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