Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Racist Message Placed in Easter Eggs


The following message was what many people Saturday morning found in their mailboxes in Pekin, Illinois. Missing,” reads the flyer. “A future for white children.” Under a picture of a blonde, blue-eyed Caucasian girl are the words: “Description: Red, blonde, or brown hair, fair skin with an innocent, inquisitive, intelligent, trusting personality. Corrupt politicians and anti-white special interest groups have stolen her future. There will be no future for her in the Third World America that our enemies are planning for all whites. Lets take back our country and make it great, decent and beautiful once again. For our children’s sake!”

The Thursday morning prior, Pekin Police had pulled over a vehicle on a traffic stop with four young adults inside. The officer noticed the eggs and flyers in the back seat at that time, Sanders said, but had not seen them planting any eggs. The officer did report the flyers to the statewide terrorism intelligence center, Sanders said.

The police department is currently in touch with the State’s Attorney’s office, Sanders said, to see if there are any charges they can file or any action they can take against the perpetrators.

I was reading the message board site where I found this news artcle. The sad part is several people in this forum found nothing wrong with this message. What people fail to realize a crime was committed, No not a hate crime, but postal fraud. It is illegal to place anything that is not postal approved in folks mailbox. So for many of those who found nothing wrong with sending"hateful" things to folks, then they must also find nothing wrong with breaking the postal codes...sad.

Source: Pekin Times

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