Thursday, April 16, 2009

Meek Wary on sending remittances to Cuba relatives

Miami Democrat Kendrick Meek said he will be among six members of Congress traveling with President Barack Obama on Air Force One this week to the Summit of the Americas -- though he disagrees with part of the administration's new Cuba policy.

Meek said he was unaware that Obama had pledged during his campaign to lift the limits on remittances put in place under President George W. Bush.

''I want to talk to the president about the unlimited remittances, if that's what he said, because that could be counterproductive to our mission in Cuba to turn it toward democracy the way we'd like to see it,'' he said.

I know it is about time that the United States lifts sanctions on Cuba. Let's face it we have more "illegal" products coming into the United States more then ever. You ever been to "little Cuba" in Miami? I have seen products that I "know" they don't sell in America. It would be wonderful for families that hve been displaced for so many years.

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