Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jordan's Son Quits Basketball

Jeffrey Jordan is Michael Jordan's son. This young man is the son of a legend. The greatest basketball athlete known to the sport. How does one fill those shoes? Do you even try?
Jeffrey was quoted as saying, "I loved playing for the Fighting Illini and appreciate the support I was given by my teammates, coaches and the great fans here," Jordan said. "But I have come to the point where I'm ready to focus on life after basketball. I will concentrate on earning my degree from the University of Illinois and the opportunities that await upon graduating."

Good for him. He doesn't have to contend with "Oh, he got on this team because of his dad." He doesn't have to prove anything but to himself.

Source: Yahoo News

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Regina said...

Good for him! I hope he achieves all that he wants to in life!