Thursday, June 25, 2009

Starbucks Settles Racial Discrimination Suit-$120,000

As reported by SeattleTimes- Victor Washington of Shoreline, who is African-American and worked for Starbucks from September 2006 until May 2008, alleges in the July 2008 lawsuit that a white co-worker made racist comments to him such as repeatedly telling him to "fetch" the co-worker's umbrella and tie his shoes for him. In the lawsuit, Washington says he complained to his supervisor and to Starbucks' human resources department, and that they took no action, although the supervisor increased his workload and gave him undesirable assignments.

Starbucks said in a written statement that it investigated Washington's allegations while he worked there and found them without merit, and that it settled the case to avoid further legal costs.

I think Starbucks is trying to avoid a lot of bad publicity. They don't want to go the same route as the numerous claims against Denny's. I think any employer who has any sort of unprofessional and improper comments reported to him by his employees against another employee should be proactive and investigate it.

The fact is many of the employers feel that the employee will not go up against them. They are so wrong.

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Source: Seattletimes

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