Thursday, June 11, 2009

Usher Files for Divorce- Sad for the Kids

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I think anyone who has children and has been or in the process of being divorced knows the children are ultimately the ones who suffer. I don't feel sorry for Usher because he was dating a "married" woman at the time, so why do you think that your marriage would last, when it was built on lust?

Rumor has it that the R&B artist has filed for divorce papers three weeks ago, but is still unsure whether to make a public announcement or simply let the news "leak" out.

Chilly, aren't you happy you aren't involved in this DRAMA.

Usher and Tameka, a stylist, have been married since August 3 last year. They are parents to son Usher Raymond V, who was born November later that year.


Regina said...

...yea, not at all surprised...

I think him and Chili were made for each other, they made a very nice looking couple.

iriegal said...

Regina, He and Chili would of really made a nice couple but I think she was right to move on.

Sometimes (and I find I have that luck) we meet people who are great people, but just not great for us.