Monday, July 06, 2009

Lawd Marion Barry At it Again

Good grief, can that man stay out of trouble? The United States Park Police said Barry, a current D.C. Council member, was arrested Saturday in Washington after a woman flagged down an officer and complained that Barry was stalking her.

Barry, 73, and Watts-Brighthaupt, 40, were on their way to Rehoboth Beach, Del., on Saturday for an Independence Day party when they stopped for a meal in Annapolis, Md. That's when Watts-Brighthaupt changed her mind about the trip, Cooke said. The two returned to Washington, and a U.S. Park Police officer arrested Barry on his way home from her house, Cooke said

At his age he just needs to sit down and keep himself quiet...or play some golf or something...dang

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clnmike said...

Man I just wanted to run and hide when I heard about this.