Friday, August 21, 2009

And the Jackson Beat Goes On

Well since Michael Jackson's birthday is coming up soon I guess the news media is "hunting down," stories of interest. I found it amusing that every single shopping store I visited today had magazine articles about Michael Jackson on their covers. It is almost like a competition to see who can have the most sensational cover. I found this magazine "Q"( European) to have the worst image and byline on their front cover.


Jackson inside his Mad, Bad World. The pictures inside are just as controversial.

Then we have this dude claiming to be Paris Dad. According to MTV NEWS, the saga of Michael Jackson's children continues to become more complicated. In an interview on the "Today" show Friday morning (August 21), Mark Lester — a former child star and godfather to Jackson's kids — said there is a possibility that he is actually the father of Paris Jackson. Lester admitted that he has no proof of this, but he did say he donated sperm when Michael was first trying to have children.

Mark Lester on NBC's "Today"

Yeah, this dude Mark Lester (who is famous for appearing in the movie Oliver), claims he is Paris real daddy. How come all this child's 11 years he didn't feel the "right" to make this claim? WHY? probably because Michael Jackson had him sign a confidentiality agreement. So now all of a sudden he feels the need to step forward. I just feel sorry for the kids who did not ask to be a part of all this legal mess.

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Regina said...

I'm mad at adults who feel the need to come out, make claims, and cause drama. These kids deserve a normal life or as close as they can get to one. Folk should Let them and there family move on with their lives.