Thursday, August 13, 2009

Old School Friday-Not on YouTube

This was a very interesting challenge this week. I have not been able to participate the last few weeks because I work on Fridays. I work today, but later. I started thinking about sites that do not have a collaboration with Google, which means that certain artist would not be censored or prone to certain copyright laws. Well then I remembered, "Daily Motion," of which I am a member.I also remember I uploaded a video I created awhile back. I uploaded it to YouTube, but they rejected it. So this is and iriegal original (remake) of Buffalo Soldier..Onelove

Enjoy more participants

- Electronic Village -Pam style="font-size:130%;"> - Vérité'>">Vérité Parlant- - Kevin style="font-size:130%;"> - Mahogany'>">Mahogany -Hagar's" Daughter - Lisa C-Chocl8t - DP style="font-size:130%;"> - MsMarvalus">MsMarvalus style="font-size:130%;"> - Clnmike style="font-size:130%;"> - Thing-AJ - Sharon style="font-size:130%;"> - SJP">SJP style="font-size:130%;"> -Bria style="font-size:130%;"> - 86 - Hey Shae -- From the Battlefield - Thembi style="font-size:130%;"> - D Spot - MsLadyDeborah">MsLadyDeborah style="font-size:130%;"> -


Hey Shae! said...

Check you out, very creative. That reminds me that I could have used the Prince video that created a while back. Aw man!

Regina said...

This song was a favorite of mine when I was younger! Thanks for the memories!