Monday, September 28, 2009

Access to Mychal Bell's Records denied

"Jena 6" still in the news. The Louisiana Supreme Court, by a 5-2 vote, denied a writ application Friday by a group of media agencies, including The News-Star, for access to court records and transcripts in the case of Mychal Bell, a member of the "Jena Six."

The judges ruled, there is no requirement for a juvenile's record or transcripts to be open.It overturned 9th Judicial District Judge Thomas Yeager's ruling that the transcripts should be public because the hearings should have been.

I don't believe it should be open as well. Here we are more than 2 years later and some members of our media are still looking for their Pulitzer. These are the same ones who would rather "film," an attempted homicide then call 911 to intervene.

The fact is that young man was indeed a "juvenile," when this incident occured. The irony is the "same," people fighting for the law are not upholding it.

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clnmike said...

I dont see why they are trying to bring out Juvie records either. Time to move on.