Friday, September 25, 2009

Mitrice Richardson- missing

It appears last week Mitrice Richardson, who was arrested at a Malibu, Calif. restaurant went missing after she was released hours later from a sheriff's station, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Mitrice Richardson, 24, was reportedly intoxicated and unable to pay her $89 bill at Geoffrey's restaurant on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu about 10 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 17

Sheriff's deputies looking for the young woman are the very ones who saw her last.

A beauty contestant, an honor student and now a missing person, Mitrice Richardson walked out of a Los Angeles county sheriff's office and into a mystery that continues to baffle investigators.

Management says the young woman looked sober, but her behavior was described as unusual.

According to her mother, Latice Sutton, a manager she spoke to at Geoffrey's said Richardson appeared to be in "no condition to drive."

Sutton told the newspaper that she called the Malibu-Lost Hills station to ask about posting bail and picking up her daughter, but deputies told her they had released her because they did not have room to keep her in jail.

The sheriff's station is unfamiliar to the woman, her family said. It is not served by buses at night, and family members said they have not seen or heard from Richardson since Wednesday.

"They allowed her to walk out of that facility and down that road in the pitch black night," Richardson's father, Michael, told the Times. "That's not right. Now, I just want to find my child."

The woman's mother said deputies told her nearby residents had called to say a woman was sleeping on porches, indicating to her that Richardson was stumbling around a nearby residential neighborhood early Friday, the Times reported.

Why would a police department allow a young lady, unescorted out in the middle of the night, after they impounded her vehicle, and knew she had no money. I tell you the Los Angeles police department needs to get a handle on the term, "protect and serve."

On her myspace, her friends are really worried about her

Source: CBS NEWS

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