Thursday, September 24, 2009

Old School Friday- A tribute to Bob Marley

I can't believe we have reached the end of the week already. The year is almost at a close. This weeks theme is a tribute to whomever you feel deserves it. I can't let this World icon go unoticed. My tribute is to the late, great Robert Nester Marley. Wheter you love reggae or not, one cannot deny the vibe that Bob use to bring to a concert. Old school reggae is sorely missed. I decided to create a video myself for this tribute. I hope you like it.


- Ms Grapevine - Pirouette -Quick -

-Marty - Kevin - Mahogany -Hagar's Daughter - Lisa C

-Chocl8t - DP - Dallassouth - - The Connoisseur -

- Regina - MsMarvalus - Clnmike - Vivrant Thing

-AJ - Sharon - RevvyRev - Prof. PC - Invisible Woman


Villager said...

I'm not much of a reggae music fan. However, I have much respect for Bob Marley ... both for his music and his message. I appreciate you for giving him the tribute today...

peace, Villager

msladydeborah said...

I enjoyed listening to Bob and watching the video. What a nice tribute to a true music legend.

Happy OSF to you!

PPR_Scribe said...

Marley has come to be the definition of reggae. That is good and bad. Good, because of his obvious artistry and impact. Bad, because reggae is so much more than Marley.

I like what you say about "Old School Reggae." Maybe because of when I got into the genre, most of what I like probably could be described as "old school." I'll have to dig in my (virtual) record crate of OS reggae soon for one of these weeks!

Hey Shae! said...

I love your taste in music. I need a mixtape from you. LOL Nice tribute.

Marvalus said...

I went on a field trip with my son on Friday and one of the 13-year-old girls just happened to mention that she liked this guy. Well, the guy said that he didn't know who Bob Marley was and she said that she stopped liking him right then and there.

I almost hugged her right then and there!

Happy OSF! Wonderful choice!

p.s. As if it makes any difference, this was a 13-year-old white girl...