Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jordan's aren't all in da family

Marcus Jordan, the Hall of Fame guard’s younger son, told the media that he’d honor the University of Central Florida’s contract with Adidas by wearing all the apparel with Adidas logos on it. this is all about Nike vs. Adidas, it seems like it’s more about potential breach of contract. This whole situation is bigger than Marcus Jordan. Jordan's shoe defection is a very public manner and it could cost the University quite a few dollars,
which has a multimillion-dollar contract with Adidas for all of its athletic wear. UCF is actually in talks to extend the deal another five years.

It is important to state that UCF Athletics did make Adidas aware of Marcus' recruitment and was led to believe that there would be a workable solution to a unique situation. I wonder what his dad (daddy Jordan) does for a living.

Source: Marcus Jordan

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