Friday, October 16, 2009

Old School Friday- I know all the words to this song, but I hate it

Time again for Old School Friday. I missed the last two weeks, (physical theraphy, school, life, ect..). but iriegal is back on track mon. There are some songs out there that really should NOT have been created, then the radio stations make sure we NEVER forget. They will play this song to death.

I absolutely hated this song, but I ended up singing it ...wth? ha ha.

and of course this one is so classic. This chauvanistic song just really has you getting down when you don't want to. I use to hate this song but but found myself singing it. then they did and OVERKILL on the radio and I really hated it.


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Revvy Rev said...

Yes, both of these are not right and you feel ashamed but you sing it anyway. Happy OSF I.